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Dark Chemistry

Philosophy, Art, and Ecology at the crossroads of Speculative Realism

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S.C. Hickman
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I live in Wyoming where freedom is open spaces. I write poetry, short stories and essays and enjoy reading from a wide spectrum of philosophical and literary works. My current interests are in how horror, art,architecture, science, and philosophy: transcendental realism, object-oriented philosophy and other forms of speculative realism are connecting to a post-Kantian view of reality that is anti-humanist and grounded in the ungrounded resistance to the void that surrounds us in the "Great Outdoors".

I am a retired software architect for whom life and thought are an all consuming passion. My years as an software engineer honed me in the skills of object-oriented philosophical and software practices, which have grounded me within a view of life that tends toward the speculative and open ended networking systems of political, social, and democratic resistance. I believe we live in a time of great change that is also a time of revisioning of what it means to be human, or that might lead beyond the human(istic) vision of the last two-hundred years that has centerd itself on a humanistic world-view. At the heart of this is a post-Kantian speculative realism that attacks Kant's two-world correlationist view of mind and nature, and moves us into a world ungrounded by the mind/nature divide that has for too long kept us imprisoned in a false divide, a view of ourselves and nature as for-us. Along with other speculative realists I am working through these dilemmas, trying to formulate a philosophical stance that tends toward a Naturephilosophy based as it is in a Schellingian vision of our place in the cosmos.

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