S.C. Hickman (earth_wizard) wrote,
S.C. Hickman

A working outline of my future book...

A working outline of my future book:

Speculative Realism

Introduction: A Short History of a Misnomer

Part One: Toward a Theory of Objects
1. The Pre-Socratics: A Short history of Being
2. Plato and Aristotle: Form and Substance
3. Pre-critical Metaphysics: Scholastics, Rationalists, and Empiricists

(Interlude: The Enlightenment: Kant and the Epistemological Turn)

Part Two: Being and Event 
4. The Continental Tradition: Husserl, Heidegger, Lacan
5. The Analytic Divide: Neo-Kantians, Logic, Pragmatism
6. Signs of the Time: Badiou, Latour, Laruelle  

Part Three: The Speculative Turn
7. Speculative Materialism: Meillassoux, Zizek, Brassier
8. Neo-Idealism: Whitehead, Deleuze, Grant
9. Object-Oriented Philosophies: Harman, Bryant, Bogost, Morton

Postlude: Society, Change, and the Politics of the Event

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