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Philosorapters: A New Blog devoted to helping prepare philosophers for the job market!

Philosopher on the Job Hunt

Keeping Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Doc Philosophy Students Prepared for the job market.

A young man William Parkhurst created a blog with tips, tricks, and some good advice regarding graduate applications, publishing, and resources: such as The Splintered Mind, Ask Philosophers, Philosophy, et. cetera, and Lleiter Reports.

Still a new blog but has potential, I hope William continues adding some depth to a fine idea. Check it out:



Check out A Philosopy Job Market Blog as well by several prospective philosophers, one being a woman, P.G.O.A.T. who said:

"I'm a grad student in philosophy, and I went on the job market this year. I struck out big time. But I did learn a few things. One is that the process is so foreign to people outside of academia that it's actually very hard to explain to them. Another is that the philosophy job market is absurd. It'd be funny if it were happening to someone else. So in the coming year, as I do it all over again, I want to help non-academics understand what the hell this is about, and to document some of the more tragicomic aspects of it."

She and her cohorts have also a new blog "In which issues concerning the profession of philosophy are bitched about" - The Philosophy Smoker, which looks like an interesting inside take on being a professional philosopher.

Too bad I took up mathematics and software engineering as my professional path during my formidable university years... being a philosopher sounds not only fun but full of hard work of another kind! Well, to all you young philosophers good luck on finding the right job out there for your profession, seems to be a very difficult trade but rewarding as well.

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