September 29th, 2012

S.C. Hickman

The Fragility of Objects: After Edward Hopper

Her face is turned away, -
or is it turned toward something,
a something just beyond the frame,
the framed sky's mauve tones
surrounding the surround of her bushy
red hair, the mottled textures,
a profiled anguish; or, is it a reticence,
an intensity of resistance,
as if the measured look
could lure the distant object
from its hiding place:
the thin lips and jutted nose,
wind-blown observance of day's motion:
the ears that flame out listening to what?
Her arm is resting, at least the appearance
of being moving upward or outward,
a motion within motion, shadow of sun
falling bright backward over blue;
white collar, green broach: signs of elegance
or impurity: a poverty of style; gazing into
rather than out of the blank white enamel;
a reality of forms falling forward
from those eyes where in a distance
that is not 'res extensa' - (as if Descartes
tributary gaze could form spaces
within spaces) forever withdrawn
from our gaze and into what is:
the being of that fragile object lives!
      - S.C. Hickman (2012)

S.C. Hickman

The Face of Change

It is not what is seen that matters,
but what is unseen in the seen:
the grafting of a thought upon a thing,
undoes the object's semblance to itself;
that slow accumulation, properties inundation
cannot give us back again the promise;
only that which is beyond all thought
can weave its magic into words
that no longer signify a something,
but are that something in itself that is:
between the thought and thing,
a dance renews the drummer's pledge,
the child's liquid laughter and the mage's wedge:
the quick step in and out of fire,
the silence between the stars,
the river's course, vulcan's pyre:
part and partial of the void:
the gathering tribe, the bellows hold;
objects outer frozen light piercing:
daring all till change its face creates at last!

      - S.C. Hickman (2012)