March 5th, 2011

S.C. Hickman

FreeMind: Organizing One's Mind; or, How to Visualize One's Ongoing Writing

Decided to download an application that helps you visualize and capture the ongoing process of writing essays, books, or cooking recipes - for that matter. It's FreeMind - a free mind mapping software. It's a tidy, light-weight application that is Open-source and available freely on the web. It works with exports to other applications as well.

One of the nifty features I've discovered is how easy it is to create outlines, notes, and both hyperlinks and local links to documents. If you're like me, it becomes a little time-consuming to keep wandering round one's blog search out all those interesting tidbits one developed, or left underdeveloped and have them at one's fingertips.

Another feature I already enjoy is that I can create an Outline as I read a work, add in the data in a subsection of notes with references, etc., then allow myself to continue reading, and then later export all this to Word or other applications.

Documentation is great, and there is a link on the wiki page to a Mind Map Gallery of user based maps that one can study or import to help one understand the differing uses of the system.

Check it out: