March 2nd, 2011

S.C. Hickman

Helvete: a journal of black metal theory

Tim Morton informs us that Ben Woodard and gang are down for a little dark nihil of the black metal variety....

A new journal arising out of the dark hinterlands of speculation! Looks like their accepting proposals too: Forthcoming!

Helvete is an open access electronic and print journal dedicated to continuing the mutual blackening of metal and theory inaugurated by the Black Metal Theory Symposia. Not to be confused with a metal studies, music criticism, ethnography, or sociology, black metal theory is a speculative and creative endeavor, one which seeks ways of thinking that “count” as black metal events—and, indeed, to see how black metal might count as thinking. Theory of black metal, and black metal of theory. Mutual blackening. Therefore, we eschew with any approach that treats theory and metal discretely, preferring to take the left-hand path by insisting on some kind of connaturality between the two, a shared capacity for nigredo.

Zachary Price
Aspasia Stephanou
Benjamin Woodard

Editorial Advisory Board
Dominic Fox
Nicola Masciandaro
Dan Mellamphy
Michael O’Rourke
Karin Sellberg
Steven Shakespeare