February 11th, 2011

S.C. Hickman

Slavoj Žižek: His Latest Post via Harman

Breaking Free

Just read Slavoj Žižek's latest essay via Graham Harman's blog post. In his usual economy of language Žižek gets it right, saying, "Whatever happens next, what is crucial is that this sense of "feeling alive" is not buried by cynical realpolitik. ... Egypt's struggle of endurance is not a conflict of visions, it is the conflict between a vision of freedom and a blind clinging to power that uses all means possible – terror, lack of food, simple tiredness, bribery with raised salaries – to squash the will to freedom." 

S.C. Hickman

A Day of Triumph for the Egyptians: Way to go Egypt!

Triumphant Egyptian's Celebrate

Just returned from a road trip, turned on the tv and discovered the Egyptian people dancing in the streets... Way to go Egypt! Then watched the live feed on Al Jazeera and read the reports: here.

Let's hope the army drops that 30 year old emergency law quickly and allows for an orderly election soon: "Earlier on Friday, before Mubarak's resignation, in a statement read out on state television at midday on Friday, the military had announced that it would lift a 30-year-old emergency law but only "as soon as the current circumstances end".

The opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei said: 

"What I have been proposing is a transitional period of one year. We will have a provisional constitution. We'll have a transitional government, hopefully a presidential council, including a person from the army and a couple of civilians.

"The main idea is that the army and the Egyptian people will work together in a systematic way for a year to reach the point where we can hold a genuine free and fair election, a parliamentary election and a presidential election. I think the people of Egypt, who have been suppressed for at least 30 years, are ready to wait for a year as they see things are going in the right direction."

Author Adhaf Soueif said:

"I imagine that we are going to want to put in place a civilian council that will put in place a civilian technocratic non-political government which will run the country while a constitution is being fixed so that it can serve its purpose of delivering free and fair democratic elections and then that should happen within six months within six months.

"The military has said it will guarantee this process. Obviously the details will have to be worked out but I think the last two weeks have been a crash-course and people have found such join and pleasure in it that the process will be quite smooth."