December 2nd, 2010

S.C. Hickman

Levi R. Bryant: Onticology or Object-Oriented Philosophy

"The first component in the Realism Matrix is metaphysical: a set of objects or state of affairs, which does not rely upon us in any way, exists."
             - Lee Braver, A Thing of this World: A History of Continental Anti-Realism 

                                                                                Part I

I'm enjoying my trek through Levi R. Bryant's blog Larval Subjects which has among other things a complete tour of current Speculative Realist ideas. His own favorite flavor of this branch of the realist tree is termed Onticology (i.e., Object-Oriented Philosophy). As he states it "we live in a world pervaded by objects of all kinds, yet nowhere do we have a unified theory or ontology of objects."[1] With the Copernican Revolution that was instigated in philosophy by the publication of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason a single investigation ensued - the "interrogation of a single relation: the human-world gap." This very reduction would also be be "profoundly asymmetrical", as he states it,

"For the world or the object related to through the agency of the human will become a mere prop or vehicle for human cognition, language, and intentions without contributing anything of its own. World, objects, will now become simple products of human cognition and philosophy will become a transcendental anthropology that seeks to investigate the manner in which this cognition forms or produces objects."

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S.C. Hickman

Alternate Life Forms: The Shadow World of our Biosphere

Nasa released information regarding alternate life forms which eerily coexist with us on planet earth.

As the new scientist describes it:

We could be witnessing the first signs of a "shadow biosphere" – a parallel form of life on Earth with a different biochemistry to all others. Bacteria that grow without phosphorous, one of the six chemical elements thought to be essential for life, have been isolated from California's Mono Lake. Instead of phosphorous, the bacteria substitute the deadly poison arsenic.

But this is nothing new...

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