July 22nd, 2010

S.C. Hickman

Neuroeconomics: The Tyranny of Behaviouristic Capitalism

     "Economics, psychology, and neuroscience are converging into a single, unified field
      aimed at providing a theory of human behavior."
                  - Neuroeconomics: The Consilience of Brain and Decision,
                     Paul W. Glimcher and Aldo Rustichini

It seems the Corporatist State in collusion with the scientific community is working overtime to find a new Pavlovian science of human behavior. One that will finally bring us all into some tyrannical system of control through the use of desire:

"In this enterprise, the method and the standard set by neuroscience is the final goal: a reconstruction of the process and mechanism that goes from a stimulus presented to the subject to his final action in response. Economics provides the conceptual structure and the object of the analysis. In this emerging view, people are seen as deciding among options on the basis of the relative desirability of each option. This is true when they are in isolation as well as
when they are in strategic (interaction with few persons) and market (interaction with a large number) environments. The recent research we have been surveying describes how desirability is realized as a concrete object, a neural signal in the human and animal brain, rather than as a purely theoretical construction. Desirability is computed
and is represented in the brain, and we now have the means to test, measure, and represent this activation."

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The whole idea that a new economic alignment with psychology and neurosicence is in the works is beyond comprehension, yet one should have realized that the great Think Tanks, NGO's, and Scientific Institutions, etc. have always been funded by the Corporatist system of governance. What's so interesting is to see the subtle outlines of this new and insidious method to tyrannize over the consumerist society using a science that would know every detail of our decision making process from "stimulus" to final "response". The quantification of desire along with the ability to "test, measure, and represent" the whole process of choice and options will allow a programmatic manipulation of individual and collective behaviors beyond our wildest dreams. When will we awaken from our lethargic sleep and put an end to such insidious approaches in science? I will not hold my breath. All I can hope is that a few of us that still believe in individual liberty will keep on broadcasting the truth against all systems of tyranny our Global Corporatist State  feigns to force upon us under the auspices of cooperation and progressive measures of peace and good will.